Our Values

Our wines look back to the farming tradition with a conscious use of new technologies; everything that is needed by man must be produced, cultivated, transformed, every fruit of labor is important because it brings everyone their own slice of effort and satisfaction. Our job is to make wine because we love the endless stories it tells and we decided to write our own one, starting from the beginning: a story that tells something about us and reminds us where we come from.

Tastings and guided tours

La Bottaia de’ Roveri was born as tasting room in combination with typical cold cuts and cheese; it is also possible to buy our products in the wine store or visit the winery, by reservation with the winemaker’s guide, Mr. Andrea Veri


Our b&b offers spacious and recently renovated rooms, each one with a balcony and air conditioning; its proximity to the Ripari di Giobbe -among the most famous beaches in Abruzzo – makes it even more special.